In his more than 20 years of private consulting practice, Dr. Dydek has worked for a wide variety of clients: law firms, other consulting firms, and private companies. He has maintained a high degree of professionalism, an excellent quality of service, and a reputation for being easy to work with. Below you will find a list of professional references. Contact any one of these individuals for a recommendation on the quality of the toxicological consulting services Dr. Dydek provides.

Mr. Ben Barron
Barron Law Firm
Dallas, Texas
(214) 855-6630

Ms. Kay Baxter
Cosmich, Simmons & Brown
Jackson, Mississippi
(601) 863-2100

Mr. Eli Bell
Richards, Rodriguez & Skeith
Austin, Texas
(512) 476-0005

Mr. Jim Blackburn
Blackburn & Carter
Houston, Texas
(713) 524-1012

Mr. Jim Braddock
Haynes & Boone
Austin, Texas
(512) 867-8400

Mr. Bruce Broberg, PE
URS Corporation
Houston, Texas
(713) 914-6614

Ms. Aimee Graham
Dentons US
Chicago, Illinois
(312) 876-2565

Mr. Glenn Johnson
GEVO, Incorporated
Englewood, Colorado
(720) 267-8600

Mr. Rod Johnson
Enoch Kever, P.L.L.C.
Austin, Texas
(512) 615-1213

Mr. Ms. Rhonda D. Orin
Anderson, Kill & Olick, L.L.P.
Washington, D.C.
(202) 416-6549

Ms. Janice Savinis
Savinis, D’Amico & Kane
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
(412) 567-4931

Dr. Donald Schaezler, PhD, CIH, PE
Industrial Hygienist
Cibolo, Texas
(210) 659-4747

Mr. Jerry Thurman
Eastman Chemical Company
Longview, Texas
(903) 237-5000

Mr. Danny Worrell
Katten Muchin Rosenman
Austin, Texas