Public Health Protection

Many environmental laws and regulations require the use of human health risk assessments. Chief among these are chemical toxicity reviews for air quality or hazardous waste disposal facility permitting and quantitative human health risk assessments for site cleanups or remediations under Federal and state Superfund-type programs.

As a former Senior Staff Toxicologist for the Texas Air Control Board, Dr. Dydek is uniquely qualified in his understanding of the workings of the human health effects evaluations conducted by the Toxicology Division of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).  This agency is currently using a new methodology for setting new Effects Screening Levels (ESLs) for air contaminants.  ESLs are allowable airborne levels of chemicals in Texas and are used in air permitting projects and to compare to actual monitored air levels of chemicals.

If your company does business in Texas and has air emissions, ESLs will be used to regulate your company.  Every time a new ESL for a chemical is under review, the TCEQ requests comments and toxicity data from interested parties.  This is your company’s chance to have a say in what the regulatory limit of air emissions will be.  Dr. Dydek has performed many such comments for submittal to the TCEQ.

Human health risk assessment of the dangers posed by exposure to environmental contaminants is an inexact science.  Dr. Dydek has education, training, experience, and expert judgment in the evaluation of the toxicity of chemicals and the performance of human health risk assessments.  He can help minimize the uncertainty in the risk assessment process.

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